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Adam * added 2021-01-26
I ordered a jacket. I am satisfied with the quality. Delivered quickly. Thanks to the store team for the quality product and customer service.


Plag * added 2021-01-26
You have a very good service and communication with customers - a role model for many companies.


Stanly * added 2021-01-26
High-quality product, fully consistent with the description, fast delivery, polite communication of managers, convenient order notification.


Tom * added 2021-01-26
I have already ordered clothes for both children and adults on this site several times. I am very satisfied with the quality, speed of ordering, speed of delivery.


Frederick * added 2021-01-26
I have already made several orders, the store pleases with quality goods, good service and fast delivery. Thank you, I hope the service will remain at its best in the future.


Valery * added 2021-01-25
Nice and cozy place with good coffee


Claire King * added 2021-01-25
Everything would be nice if not for the oysters. All six guests, no matter how many of these oysters ate, and the options were from one to eight, were poisoned.


Katherine Kingsman * added 2021-01-25
Disgusting, won't go to this restaurant again.


West * added 2021-01-25
A great place to hang out with friends after a hard work.


Adrian Owen * added 2021-01-25
Unreal atmosphere, polite staff, delicious hookahs