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Michaela * added 2021-02-18
I consulted a specialist, hopefully it was a doctor, at this email address regarding the Vitamin Dropper at the Onus iV Bar in Denver


Liliana * added 2021-02-18
This is the email address I used when booking a visit to the Spray La Vie Spa. Everything went perfectly.


Andrea Livingston * added 2021-02-17
Thank you very much for your order !!! The picture matches the product !!! Fast collection and delivery


Holly Kendal * added 2021-02-17
Today we received our order, delivered quickly and efficiently


Maria * added 2021-02-17
Thank you very much, as always everything is at the highest level.


Oliwier * added 2021-02-17
I bought a dress. The order came on time, I am satisfied with the quality


Zak * added 2021-02-17
Thank you very much for the things - beautiful, high quality, inexpensive and match the photos.


Sadie * added 2021-02-16
We are very satisfied with the package, thank you very much


Paul * added 2021-02-16
Hello. Received another order: a skirt. Everything is just excellent, the quality is excellent. Thanks a lot for your work.


Dereck * added 2021-02-16
I ordered it for the first time! I am very pleased with the dress. Perfectly sewn! Special thanks for the accessory as a gift. I will order more


Kacper * added 2021-02-16
Many thanks to the store for the fast processing and fast delivery. The dress is just gorgeous.


Zak * added 2021-02-16
I liked everything very much. Everything is super!


Greg * added 2021-02-15
I ordered a dress, very pleased with the quality and service. The color matches the color in the photo. thank


Zachary Moore * added 2021-02-15
We got the order. With a slight delay, but that is not the point. The quality is excellent. Thanks for your work!


Valery * added 2021-02-15
I love this store, this is not the first time I order here.


Remas * added 2021-02-15
I bought a jacket and a bag here. What can I say .. Quality items, well packaged, tags in place.


Jon Bootman * added 2021-02-15
Thanks for the fast delivery and the huge assortment.


Nolan Gustman * added 2021-02-14
I got my hair cut for the first time, really liked it. everyone is friendly, the attitude is excellent, the hair is perfect.


Piotr * added 2021-02-14
I liked the guys very much! the child's hair was cut - the mother sent it, in the end both got their hair cut) the professionals work.


Serenity * added 2021-02-14
Great and polite staff. Perfect haircut. Luxurious atmosphere. I went and how I rested at the resort